Friday, 15 January 2016

Introduction to C++

C++ is a middle level language developed by Bjarne Stroustrap. He started the development of this language in 1978 at  AT&T Bell Labs. This language is based on C programming language and most of the syntax is inherited from this language itself. In fact, C++ can be imagined as a superset of C. So, a valid C program is also a valid C++ program.

C++ actually supports multiple paradigm like Imperative Programming, Object oriented Programming and Generic programming features. C++ also provides features to support low level memory manipulation. That is why C++ is recognized as middle level languages.

In fact C++ resides in the below scale,

Pic Courtesy: Codecommit

This picture defines the implementations of different type of languages, So, we can definitely understand that, C/C++ comes into the area where we can deal with memory and can also write programs in such a way that we don't care about memory.

In fact most of OS kernels (the bridge between hardware and software) are written in C/C++. To know more, you can read this article.

While reading this article, you can know where C/C++ resides in the world of Software Programming.

After reading this you may want to know how you can write programs using C++.

To achieve this, the first thing you will require is a compiler. The details of this is mentioned in C/C++ installation. You must go through this article and complete all the steps to continue writing programs in C++.

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